About Me - nineyards

Photography soothes and calms me, it puts life in perspective

 My version of closing your eyes and taking a deep breath

Displaying the world as I see it challenges my creativity and keeps my sights on the horizon 

So much of what we see every day gets buried in the muck of our busy lifestyles

You pass by a stand of trees on a country road, maybe give it a quick glance, then be on your merry way

You have seen a stand of trees

If you were to actually take the time to stop and look, you would see an old abandoned farmhouse hidden in that mature and well established stand of trees

How long must it have taken for those trees to grow and completely envelope the house?

Who might have lived there?

Now it's not just a bunch of trees

It's a place of history, depth and imagination

All because it was frozen in time with the click of a shutter

So cool to bring that out

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