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Photographic memories tailored to you.

I make my photography sessions as informal and as simple as possible, no assistants, no elaborate lighting setups, no clutter, and my prices reflect as such.

I will come out to wherever needed, you tell me exactly what you want, the look and feel you are going for, and with your input we will make it happen.

It can be so much more than just taking a picture.

Your suggestions and ideas are more than welcome as I strive to make any results as unique to you as possible, in other words these are your creations as much as mine.

Nothing is done until you say it is.

If you live in Edmonton Alberta Canada or the surrounding area and have a special memory you would like to capture, a loved one, the incredible view you see from your window at a certain time of day, or you enjoying one of your favorite park trails on your regular walk or jog, I can capture and preserve that memory.

I also love action photography, so if you're a dancer, into martial arts, boxing, skateboarder, runner, skidoo fanatic, well, you get my drift, let's put you through your paces and see what we can come up with.

Rates for this service within the city of Edmonton start at $70 for a full resolution downloadable file

If you have an existing photo you especially like but want to enhance or create a certain "look" for it, I can be of service to you in that area also. My rates for this particular service start at $30.

I can also personally print high quality and fine art photos (signed or unsigned) as well as frame most standard sizes up to 13" x 19".

Prices for this service would be negotiable as I would be using my own frames, pigment inks and fine art papers (if you are desiring outsourced quality prints, the very reputable Bay Photo service on this site would definitely be a more cost effective way to go, but if you are after something more personalized, the option is there).

All photos on this site are available for download at various resolutions .

You might want to take advantage of my talents and services before I become world renowned and start charging outrageous prices.

Just saying.

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