I do like the idea of sharing with the world what I have seen and how I interpret it, as I am most definitely not extensively travelled, I try to bring out the beauty and exoticness (yes, that's actually a word) of whatever small part of the universe I have access to.

Also, I am a huge proponent of black and white photography, without the distraction of color, subtle variations in tone and contrast come alive and to the forefront, a different way of seeing the world around us.

Beautiful in it's simplicity.

Most folders on this site will have a black and white gallery attributed to it.

All of these photos are of my own creation as are any edits or enhancements, some are by no means what you would call "technologically perfect", they are simply sights I have seen that I would like to share, so take note all you pixel peepers, I make no claims.

 My site is and always will be a work in progress. There will be more to look at as time goes by and its all available for purchase in various forms. I had toyed with the idea of separating what is for sale and what is just for viewing pleasure, but we all decide our own likes and dislikes so in this case I am leaving well enough alone.

*Warning, shameless plug ahead*

There is also of course SmugMug's " Great Print Guarantee" if you are ordering prints or merchandise:

"If you are unhappy with your prints or gifts, SmugMug will reprint or refund your order, whichever you prefer. Simply send email to help@smugmug.com within 30 days of receiving your order. Note: SmugMug uses several professional labs renowned for color accuracy, print quality and consistency, but unless you (or your photographer) opted to use our color correction, we do not make any adjustments to your photos."

*End of shameless plug*

I truly hope you find enjoyment among these pages and galleries.


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